Caribbean Artificial Intelligence Group at PUPR

Caribbean Artificial Intelligence Group

Supporting Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Engineering
November 29-December 1, 2006
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
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Current research topics:

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Dörner Theory
The goal is to create human-like robust intelligence that is flexible and is able to perceive and interact with its environment. The Dörner Theory is key to building cognitive agents for the real world more...

Models of Neural Networks
While there are many different models on the market, we concentrate on a new family of models that deliver a confidence meassure with the calculated values. We hope that this will enable us to built better modular systems. more...

Window to the Caribbean

We have been awarded a DoD proposal to fit three rooms with multimedia equipment for remote collaboration. Who would be interested in connecting their multi-media enviornment with ours - see our flyer.

Speech recognition integration into PSI

Speech recognition brings a new, fascinating dimension to the life of PSI. With the new integration we investigate how and if PSI can recognize speech and hold a simple converstion about the environment. Can PSI speak Spanish and English? Can PSI translate? Can PSI recognize who is talking? These are all difficult areas to work on, especially in the noisy environment of our lab. We are looking for industry advisors for our students! We are happy to be able to use Dragon Natural Speaking for our research.

Our vision and goals:

  • Discuss the Dörner Theory in an international context
  • Understand the human mind
  • Solve problems that require intelligence
  • Identify core components
  • Speech integration for inelligent interaction

Visit us

We are actively seeking for interaction with interested people in this field world wide. We would like to host visiting researchers who would like to work in this environment - we offer free housing and Caribbean beaches and mild winters. We want to integrate vision with PSI. If anyone is interested to form a collaboration based on vision and face recognition that we can incorporate with PSI, please let us know.


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